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Sortie : 6 Sept. 2019


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Vous pouvez pré-commander le CD en m'envoyant un e-mail :



The new Listener [en allemand]

Interview mit Stefan Piper, "Diese Kammermusik ist dreidimensional!"

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[Allemagne avec traduction anglaise]

"Each phrase comes across as deeply felt and permeated with imagination. You get the sense throughout that this outstanding flautist not only feels at home in this repertoire, but that he truly loves this music. All I could do was surrender to this absolutely coherent and at times even magical production. A CD for connoisseurs!"

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"With their committed performance, the musicians really bring the colours and moods of Palette to life. Above all, Carré, with his wide artistic range from Pan to Carmen, outlines the diversity of the music and thus also his personal qualities as a flautist and arranger."

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Das Orchester

"Already the Fauré’s Fantaisie Op. 79 impresses, it opens fascinating sound worlds and stress each lines with a corresponding arrangement that draws delicate layers with the finest musical brush. It leads this virtuosic piece in a deeper artistic quality. This recording opens the ears again for new aspects of composition that stays too easily in background in the original version. Absolutely fascinating."

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Main CD tip in the 19/2019 issue. "The young flautist Nathanael Carré pays his respects to his compatriots in an exceptional way. [...] Carré in his debut, like a restorer, lends a new freshness to a whole range of well-known works"

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Badische Zeitung

"Musical art nouveau. Tonal beauty, consistency throughout the pitch range of his instrument is what characterises Carré. Like the works of the flute virtuoso Paul Taffanel. A celebration of the small forms. The Carmen Fantasy by François Borne is a real treat. Ensemble Nuanz crafts meticulously."

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Audio Magazine

Klang Tipp Audio „He shows how he increases the range of tone colours with the exquisitely performing Ensemble Nuanz. Carré's tone is flawlessly beautiful, his virtuosity astounding. He lets the "Fantaisie" by Georges Hüe drift by weightlessly like a dream, and the "Divertimento" by Jean Françaix is a veritable fireworks of refinement and exuberant humour. This album is a jamboree bag of the small forms in a new sound guise: exceptional, captivating and charming.“

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The New Listener

"Carré proves to be a thoughtful and flexible flautist who pays exacting attention to the tonal qualities of his instrument, achieving a soft yet direct sound. [...] Ensemble Nuanz tightly holds together the chords of the piano voice, presenting itself as one unified body of sound that draws from the same breath. Balanced contrapuntal texture gives an overall impression of plasticity without the voices drifting too far apart."

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Tagesspiegel - Udo Badelt

"It is a fitting title: the pieces, which Carré arranged for string sextet and flute, are enchantingly picturesque and imbued with impressionism. Time out for the soul - and something for the curious, because Gabriel Fauré is the only really well-known composer on this CD."

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Reinler Schlenz – SWR2

"Farbige" CD im Klangraum neue Klassik am kommenden Samstag in SWR2: Der Flötist Nathanaël Carré hat Stücke für Flöte und Klavier auf die Besetzung Flöte und Streichsextett übertragen. Generell ist es ja so, dass nur wenige Transkriptionen an das Original heranreichen (Bilder einer Ausstellung für Gitarre z.B. klingt scheußlich). Carrés Transkriptionen für Streichsextett hingegen weisen über die Originale hinaus, sind farbiger und geradezu streicheridiomatisch angelegt.

BBC Music Magazine

„Gorgeous colours abound in this palette of French works for flute and strings, deftly performed and expertly arranged by flautist Nathanael Carré. An appealing disc.” 

Musique classique & Co

"Le talent tantôt poétique, tantôt virtuose de Nathanaël Carré, la légèreté de ses arrangements procurent plus d’une heure de musiques enchanteresses, jusqu’à la suave “Danse pour une déesse” de Reynaldo Hahn.

Un disque original et réussi."

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« Fantasía, color, virtuosismo en casi todas las piezas. Pero sin la habitual sensación, de otras ediciones similares, de que todo tenga que sonar parecido. Hay « lugares de encuentro », pero para nada forzados. Incluso la breve selección de piezas de la Carmen de Bizet, para este formato, suena realmente ajustada al espíritu del original. Nueva sorpresa de ARS y máxima recomendación por la originalidad y, por supuesto, por la calidad de la grabación. »   

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